Obsession (Upstart Press) March 2017 

Two men and a woman: the woman obsessed with her husband; the husband obsessed with his island home and the country whose stories he has made it his mission to tell; the man obsessed with the couple whose dynamic both fascinates and repels him. Against a backdrop of two decades of social upheaval, this bitter-sweet tale of tangled relationships moves towards its dramatic, unpredictable conclusion.


"A study of entangled human relationships... the novel explores the way stories come into being, the way writers connect and disconnect, the way truth and imagination are crucial yet variable tools, the way personal experience is fertile yet dangerous ground. Fascinating. Haunting." Paula Green, Sunday Star Times. April 2017

"A book about a writer writing a book about a narrator obsessed by a writer, now there’s complexity. Yet Sandys manages this with ease… her control over narrative, structure and character effortlessly journeys us through her book and the two decades of NZ life and politics which underpins it. Another Sandys masterpiece".  Siobhan Harvey, NZ Herald. April 2017