The Broken Tree (Hutchinson) 1981

Set in Scotland and New Zealand in the mid 19th century, The Broken Tree is both a story of love lost and won and an epic tale of the founding of a new country with all its rivalries, its disputed policies, its triumphs and its tragedies. Rich in historical detail, the story follows the fortunes of John MacLaine from the time of his expulsion from his family home on the island of Mull to the new life that awaits him in New Zealand. 


A colorful and rivetting account… Highly recommended. The novel is hard to put down.’ Catherine McKenzie. NZ Women’s Weekly 

‘An important novel…Will not only give a great deal of pleasure but should contribute to an understanding of the men and the motives that made early New Zealand and so the New Zealand of today.’ Robert Goodman. Auckland Star

"A novel that pits Highlander against Lowlander, Presbyterian against Catholic, and Maori against Pakeha in 19th century Otago. The Broken Tree shows how good people who act out of a strong sense of rightness can be the unwitting cause of tragedy. A stirring tale, hard to put down."  ODT