Love and War (Secker and Warburg) 1982

Anna and George marry at the end of 1938. Within a year George has become a soldier and Anna is left to manage the family farm in the remote King Country of New Zealand. As their separate lives unfold - George’s in Egypt and Greece; Anna’s on the farm - their marriage will be tested to its limits. When Peter, a pacifist, arrives to work on the farm Anna is forced to re-evaluate her whole-hearted support for the war. Likewise George, encountering members of the Cretan resistance, in particular a young fighter called Popi, finds himself emotionally adrift.
A story of love, war, and the different ways of fighting for peace. 


Admirably written from both the female and the male standpoints… Sandys is as profoundly understanding of the affections of men as she is that of women. She is an outstanding writer in the modern realistic school of fiction.’ Roger Manwell.  British Book News 

 'Love and War is more than another war book, another story about marriage, another tale of people finding themselves. Sandys has caught more truths in this novel than many writers ever discover.’  Lee Matthews. Evening Standard 

‘The most overwhelming asset of Love and War is its honesty. Everyone in its enormous cast… is drawn with great compassion and humanity’. Stephanie Johnson 

‘Sandys’ emotional analyses are piercing and the characterization and sense of time and place are perfectly drawn.’ ‘Penetrating and sympathetic.’ JW Grimsby. Evening Telegraph

‘This book has been waiting  a very long time for a woman to write it… One salutes it  as a genuine attempt to recognize the terrible stresses war puts on love.' Susan Graham. NZ Herald