Enemy Territory (Hodder and Stoughton UK) 1997. (Hodder Moa Beckett NZ) 1998 

1960’s New Zealand - a heady time when new freedoms and old orthodoxies clash. The marriage of Kay and Geoffrey, which begins in hope and optimism, is soon caught in the crossfire between the old way and the new. But their story does not follow the expected pattern. Kay’s act of rebellion, which changes both their lives, takes the novel to an unexpected conclusion. 


‘Deftly written - keeps you turning the pages.’ Caroll du Chateau. NZ Herald

‘Races along… glittering diaphanous prose…droll social comedy well worth checking out.’ Bookmarks

‘Sandys is a passionate chronicler of family life.’ Metro

‘A redemptive tale told in coolly measured prose.’ Listener 

‘Fluently told, moving story… rooted strongly in its period.’ North and South